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The Best Spot Mount Bromo Camping > Check The Cheap Packages – Tourist attractions in Bromo are famous not only domestically, but even abroad. The natural beauty offered by the Mount Bromo area is a complete package of natural mountain tourism, where you can enjoy a variety of experiences.

Not only getting ordinary mountain views, but you will also be presented with various forms of nature and culture. Of course, when visiting Mount Bromo, you do not want to miss a single spot because its beauty is matchless.

Tourist Attractions In Mount Bromo

Tourist attractions in Bromo consist of a variety of natural beauty typical of the mountains. You can see the green hills with savannah grass, or surround the sea of ​​sand, to enjoy the sunrise from the amazing mountain peaks, one of them is by camping around Mount Bromo.

Whispering Sand In Mount Bromo

The first tourist attraction in Bromo is whispering sand. Before reaching the crater of Mount Bromo, you will be greeted with a vast expanse of sand. This stretch of sand is named as whispering sand.

The area is quite wide, visitors can easily take the best spots for photos. In addition, in this whispering sand, you can also enjoy other activities, such as riding a dirt bike, riding a horse, and so on. The location is east of the peak of Bromo.

Mount Bromo Crater

The next tourist attraction in Bromo is certainly Bromo Crater. You can see directly the beauty of the Bromo crater that is so charming. To achieve this, you only need to walk about 2 km from the parking area.

If you are lazy to walk, you can also rent a horse. After that, you just have to climb the steps that reach the top of the Bromo crater.

Teletubbies Hills Mount Bromo

Bromo Teletubbies hill is one of the favorite places for many tourists. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo with a row of green hills, this area is also the best photo spot.

The hill is filled with very beautiful green grass. Even the grass here is so awake that it looks so neat. So, when visiting the Bromo Tengger area, then don’t miss to visit here.

Savanna In Mount Bromo

Bromo savanna grassland is a place located in the southeast of Mount Bromo, located in a green valley surrounded by towering cliffs and several small mountain ridges.

Bromo Grassland is very broad, it can make you look away because the path to reach the savanna is the arid Sand Sea, but when entering this meadow you will be treated to a truly green landscape surrounded by hills which adds to the beauty of this tourist spot.

Located in the Jemplang Valley, the easiest access to here if using a regular vehicle or motorcycle is via Malang or via Lumajang.

Luhur Poten Temple

Tourist attractions in Bromo are indeed quite unique. If previously Bromo tourism was filled with natural beauty, now you can also find places of worship, namely Pura Luhur Poten. The temple here is a place of worship for local residents who embrace Hinduism.

No wonder when the Nyepi celebration arrives, this area is always enlivened by visits by local residents who want to conduct worship there. Usually, the Bromo Tengger National Park area is also closed for the convenience of residents who want to carry out their worship in this temple.

Mount Bromo The Best Camping Spots

Penanjakan 1 ( Viewpoint 1 )

Penanjakan 1 is the best location to watch the sunrise and camping. This location is the highest among the other hills. Here you can immediately witness the beauty of the sunrise in the early morning with the beauty of the valley that is still covered in fog and enjoy the view of the Milky Way at night.

To get to hill climb 1, you can use vehicles such as jeeps and motorbikes. But for higher security, you should avoid using an automatic motorcycle because the terrain is quite heavy.

Penanjakan 2 ( Viewpoint 2 )

In addition, to climb 1, there is also climb 2. Even though the location is still less high than climb 1, access to this place is much easier with lighter challenges and is also very good for capturing Milky way and sunrise in the morning.

To get to climb 2, you can access it from Probolinggo Regency. Guaranteed despite being the second alternative, but this place offers a beauty that is not less than 1 Bromo climb location.


Time: 2 Days 1 Night

  • Meeting point: Malang / Surabaya  (station, terminal, airport, hotel, etc.)
  • Explore Bromo: A Fun Photography & Camping Hunting Destination
  • Starting from the departure you are presented with a beautiful view of the Tengger paddy fields and hills along the road.
  • Set up a beautiful afternoon savanna tent and enjoy SUNSET (Sunsets, a cup of warm coffee ready to accompany.
  • Light a campfire with a cold sensation of Bromo air at night,
  • Fried/grilled duck dinner ready to be enjoyed.
  • Dawn to G. Bromo to await the unusual SUNRISE from the top of G. Bromo

Facilities: Mount Bromo Camping Package

  • Private transport (Driver + BBM. + AC)
  • Stayed 1 night in a camping tent
  • Mount Bromo Camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, camp mattresses)
  • Local guide
  • Jeep Bromo 4 Location
  • Entrance ticket Bromo tour.
  • Eat adjust to the budget
  • Warm drinks (coffee or tea)
  • 600ml mineral water.

Other Interesting Packages Of Bromo :

Which does not include facilities:

  • Lunch and dinner.
  • Bromo horse.
  • Personal expenses.

What you need to bring to use Mount Bromo Camping:

  • Warm clothes/jacket.
  • Mask.
  • Gloves.
  • Scarf.
  • Kerpus (head cover).

So a little info about “Mount Bromo Camping Tour Packages“, For more information about Bromo Malang tour package prices, Hotels / Lodging, along with tour package facilities, please contact our travel contact.