Testimonials: Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Package Through Our Travel Agent

mount bromo tour package borobudur prambanan

Name: Alain
From: France

Travel Destinations: Yogyakarta – Mount Bromo – Ijen Crater – Bali 5 Days 4 Nights

Comment: Thank you for making us satisfied during the holidays to the Borobudur Temple, Mount Bromo, and Ijen Crater for 5 days, we have known in advance about you from our friend Alex, we really admire your service, truly we were happy since we returned home, we have rain every day, and today we can send a message to you, we are always thinking about you and the places which you have shown to us, you have something beautiful for us to see all of the places in Indonesia, thanks and regards to your family.

mount bromo tour package

Name: Zara
From: Malaysia

Travel Destinations: Mount Bromo Tour Package – Kawah Ijen 3 Days 2 Nights

Comment: Thank’s Pak Andri “has accompanied us nature tour in Bromo and Banyuwangi … .. is an unforgettable natural tour … A good job for you … !!!!

mount bromo tour package ijen crater

Name: Metella & Matteo
From: Italy

Travel Destinations: Yogyakarta – Mount Bromo – Ijen Crater – Bali 5 Days 4 Nights

Comment: Hi Andri, How are you? I’m sorry because I’m tired, could not replay your message yesterday, we were very satisfied with your service, Alex is right, you are a formidable guide for trekking to the Ijen Crater, we couldn’t catch you, maybe your age is still young and your energy is still strong from to us who are easily tired and make you very considerate of us,  we thank you very much while we were in Indonesia already had a new experience and will not be forgotten with you

Mount Bromo Tour Package Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Name: Goh Cheng Liang
From: Singapore

Travel Destinations: Mount Bromo Tour Package – Tumpak Sewu Waterfall 3 Days 2 Nights

Hi Andri, thanks for giving us an alternative not to visit the Ijen Crater, because a few days ago it was burnt, we liked Tumpak Sewu Waterfall and it was really amazing even though we didn’t do the trekking to see the blue flame of the Ijen Crater, Next time we will travel back to Indonesia to Ijen Crater because we really like the volcano, thanks for everything

mount bromo tour package ijen volcano

Name: Sara Rodrigues
From: Spain

Comments: Hi Andri we have arrived in Bali, and thank you for arranging our trip from Surabaya, Mount Bromo, Kawah Ijen, Bali, although initially I have 2 offers cheaper than Andri I still choose Andri as my tour agent, because I believe more than testimonials made on the website, and it turns out Andri’s service is very good, really many thanks to Mr. Tris, Driver jeep in Bromo and Mr. Mali as driver tour until we finish in Bali, we will be back again with our friends next year we want Mr. Mali as our driver, thank you, Andri, 🙂

ijen crater mount bromo tour package

Name: Belinda
From:  Netherlands

Travel Destinations: Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, Bali 5 Days 4 Nights

Comments: Hi, Andry, I am fine and tomorrow we have to back home to Netherland, the trip was amazing with yours, I wish to go back to this beautiful country, I like the temples, the cultures, the volcanoes, and everything, mostly the people are so friendly to us … take care and have a nice day Andry! Belinda 🙂

mount bromo tour package

Name: Pieter
From:  Netherland

Travel Destinations: Bromo Tour Package 3 Days 2 nights

Comments: Hello Andri, yes you are right, we did not forget the moment when we took pictures with many residents around Mount Bromo Tengger from you, we know Indonesian culture, especially residents around Mount Bromo, we are amazed and we really happy to know new things, we will come back next year and I hope you will continue to accompany us while exploring all tours in Indonesia

mount bromo tour package

Name: Caroline
From:  Singapore

Travel Destinations: Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night

Comments: Good morning Andri, I’ve journeyed to Jogja, thanks for the service, I save your number, I must be back again, not satisfied 😀  we make a picture together with travel pictures Bromo of you, later I promote to my friends for package your Bromo tour … thanks, Andri

mount bromo tour package

Name: Lakrima
From:  France

Travel Destinations: Mount Bromo Tour Package Midnight

Comments: Morning Andri, sorry yesterday the plane delay a few hours Mr. Dudung and Mr. Reza waited, but all smoothly, my friends are like to travel to Mount Bromo, we are happy, one last, please send the package of Bali, because we will hold a meeting in Bali in September, thank you!

bromo tour package from malang

Name: Charles De Vriendt
From:  France

Travel Destinations: Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, Bali Tour Package 5 Days 4 Nights 

Comment : Andri, thank you, my friend, this is the second time me and my friends visit Indonesia and you guide us, I hope you can go holiday to France and visit our house, stay keep in touch in What’s Up brother, I send this photos 7 years ago that when you’re still a tour guide, I’m glad to hear that you already have your travel agent … good luck always Andri… 🙂

mount bromo tour package

Name: Lusi
From:  Jakarta

Travel Destinations: Mount Bromo Tour Package-Batu Malang 3 Days 2 Nights

Comment: Good afternoon Hendra, No missing, we are satisfied, say hallo to Andri

mount bromo tour package

Name: Dita
From:  Malaysia

Travel Destinations: Travel Packages Bromo-Batu Malang 3 Days 2 Nights

Comment: Thank you for the service provided, really  thanks we enjoyed the trip in Bromo and Malang, see you on the next trip, Dita

Name: Aloin
From:  Netherlands

Travel Destinations: Package Ijen Volcano Mount Bromo Yogjakarta 5Days 4 Nights

Comments: Hi Andri
thank you for arranging our trip from Ijen to Jogja, all very memorable, this is our picture when were in Borobudur temple, Mr. Dudung took that picture, we were happy, wish we could visit Indonesia in other chance, Indonesia is very beautiful and natural, many relics of history and active volcano we love it very much … Thanks for everything and have a good day! Aloin

mount bromo tour package ijen crater tour

Name: Mawah Sidarta
From: Malaysia 

Travel Destinations: Mount Bromo Tour Package – Malang 3 Days 2 Nights

Comments: Thank you Andri, really unforgettable Bromo for us, we are not disappointed with your travel service, it turns out in Bromo many tourist attractions not yet know a good spot, but jeep driver from you drove us to see the hill of king kong, Bukit Cinta, Widodaren, I am really surprised to read the email only 4 tourist sites in Bromo, but we visited 6 Locations that not many people know, So this surprise? well we are satisfied, and we hope next year will hold a reunion in Mount Bromo and out a bond in Malang, we amaze Andri for his service, Terimkasih 🙂

mount bromo tour package gili ketapang

Name:  Taufik
From: Malaysia

Travel Destinations: Travel Packages Mount Bromo Gili Ketapang Island 2 Days 1 Night

Comments: Thank you, Andri, Alhamdulillah we are satisfied with the service, We are happy even though the sunrise can not be seen because of the cloudy, the most exciting fitting us electronic music party at the hotel, my friend happy and forget a little load after work hard enough

mount bromo tour package ijen crater

Name: Lee Chong
From: Singapore

Travel Destinations: Travel Packages Bromo Batu Malang 3 Days 2 Nights

Comments: Thank you, Andri, Actually I am native Jakarta but live in Singapore, for service Bromo in tourism very satisfactory, thanks also to Crue of you always accompany us have tours in Bromo and Malang, We are satisfied, especially when in Mount Bromo, a team of Mr. Andri so polite and very professional, already showing good sights, we will recommend your tour package Bromo thanks lee Chong:)

Name: Ms. Preferred series
From: Thailand
Travel Destinations: Mount Bromo Tour Package – Ijen Crater 3 Days 2 Nights
Comments: Thanks Andri, we are happy holidays in Bromo and Ijen crater, and we would recommend your package to Bromo, probably at the end of September, thank you so much we will contact you later.

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