Penanjakan 1 Mt. Bromo, View Point (1) To See The Beautiful Sunrise Of East Java

Penanjakan 1 Mt. Bromo, View Point (1) To See The Beautiful Sunrise Of East Java

Do you want to Penanjakan 1 Mount Bromo? and are looking for a road route to Penanjakan of Mount Bromo?

Penanjakan 1 Mount Bromo is the main destination of the Bromo tour, not yet to Bromo if you have not yet been to Penanjakan 1.

Mount Bromo Sunrise

What’s up on Mount Bromo ViewPoint 1?

Here you can see the magnificent beauty of the Mount Bromo Sunrise, Penanjakan (1) is also often called “viewpoint 1”.

Penanjakan 1 is the first destination you will visit if the tour to Mount Bromo using the Bromo Jeep Tour.

Of course, at the time of the morning, you have to leave using the Jeep To Bromo.

The Mount Bromo Sunrise or also commonly called “Matahari Terbit” is one that you must see when you going tour to Mount Bromo.

Route / Path to Penanjakan 1 Mount Bromo.
For up to Penanjakan 1, there are various routes from various directions that you can take, climbing 1 is also commonly referred to as “VIEWPOINT 1 “.

The following routes you can skip for your tips to Mount Bromo :

From Pasuruan through Tosari and Purwodadi.
One of the paths to the top of Penanjakan 1 of Mount Bromo is quite a lot of visitors.

Especially, if you stay at a hotel that is around the city of Pasuruan.

From Malang via Tumpang.
The second value is through Tumbang Village, not many visitors use this route.

One of the main factors is because access is less supportive.

From Probolinggo via Cemoro Lawang.
The third route that you can pass is through the city of Probolinggo, which will also pass through the village of Cemoro Lawang.

The route through the city of Probolinggo is most in-demand because access is the easiest.

Besides being easy, visitors will have the opportunity to see the views of the slopes of Mount Bromo.

The route through the city of Probolinggo is the main, through this route, you can find many hotels, homestays, inns, villas to stay.

Location Mount Bromo Sunrise View Point 1
The location, still within the environment of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TN-BTS) in East Java.

To get to this place, visitors can rent a Bromo Jeep, if from the direction of Tumpang and Cemoro Lawang.

Why should you use the Bromo Jeep? Because the road to Penanjakan 1 is still narrow and extreme.

If you pass the Pasuruan line, to Penanjakan 1 of Mount Bromo, you can use a motorbike or a private car to Mount Bromo, Probolinggo.

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With a note, keep your own security, we recommend using the Bromo Jeep to avoid any risks.

Height of Climbing Penanjakan (1) Mount Bromo.

Mount Pananjakan has a height of approximately 2,770M above sea level.

Mount Pananjakan is also the highest place that can be visited on Mount Bromo.

At the top of Penanjakan 1, besides you can see the beautiful sunrise, you can also see the beauty:

The right time to go to Penanjakan 1 Mount Bromo.

If you visit Penanjakan 1 in Mount Bromo, you definitely  see the beautiful Mount Bromo Sunrise of East Java.

For that, you have to leave at 3:00 – 3:30 from the hotel where you are staying, or from the Cemoro Lawang village area.

Try to order a Jeep before you leave for Mount Bromo, so that during the tour you are not confused, because the time is very limited. and if any question yu can contact us for become a patner