mount bromo sharing tour, mount bromo open trip

Mount Bromo Sharing Tour, Bromo Open Trip Package

Mount Bromo Sharing Tour, Bromo Open Trip Package  – Mount Bromo Private Strait tour packages We also provide a Bromo Midnight Package Open Trip Package which is the Bromo Midnight Package that you can check on the Bromo Midnight Travel Package page. The Open Trip Package is the same as the Bromo Midnight Package, if you feel confused what is the difference between the Bromo Open Trip Package and the Bromo Midnight Package then we will explain.

Mount Bromo Sharing Tour From Probolinggo

Mount Bromo Open Trip Package is a Bromo tour sharing package that is combined with other participants to save costs while the Bromo Midnight Package is (Private Package). If you feel you are alone then you will feel heavy if you have to pay a nominal of more than 1 million just to go to Bromo, with Bromo Open Trip Package you will be combined with those who order Bromo other Open Trip Packages. Who knows, you can make new friends when you take the Bromo Open Trip Package.

Mount Bromo Tour Question And Answers :

For problems departing picked up or gathered at the specified place?

To depart we will pick up one by one participant’s open trip at each home between 00:00 – 01:00 in the morning. So please prepare beforehand at home goods that will be taken such as jackets, socks, gloves, medicines, etc. or any items that can make the body warm because on Mount Bromo the weather is very cold. To save time, please, when we pick up the participants are ready because we will pick up the other participants and we will also return home each time.

After Bromo are there other places that can be visited?

After Bromo we will go to a place to eat for lunch, after lunch, we will take the participants to each house. Lunch is the last event so there is no route to stop by anywhere else.

I want to take the Bromo Open Trip / Or mount Bromo sharing tour but am not in Probolinggo?

Our Bromo Open Trip Package only serves participants who are in Probolinggo, if you are outside Malang or Surabaya and want to take part in the Bromo Open Trip Package or Mount Bromo Sharing Tour, of course, you can follow, but before your pick-up time you are in Probolinggo City whether it’s in the Hotel, or Probolinggo City Station, or other places around Probolinggo

Other Interesting Packages Of Bromo :

Price Mount Bromo Sharing Tour Package or Open Trip Bromo

In the Mount Bromo Sharing Tour package, there are several tour locations visited such as the sunrise (sunrise) then proceed down to the sea of ​​sand, continue to the Teletubbies savannah hill and the road to Mount Bromo crater & many more sights that you can enjoy, Price start IDR 300,000,- per PAX 

Details Facilities of a cheap midnight Bromo package:

  • Transport Pick Up Hotel, Probolinggo Stations
  • Jeep Transport Full Bromo Tourism Location
  • Transport back to Probolinggo

Schedule Mount Bromo Sharing Tour

  • (00:00 – 01:00) Start from Probolinggo City using the All-New Avanza can use other transportation to adjust the number of participants.
  • (02:00 – 03:00) Pick-up Hartop (offroad transportation) to enter the Mount Bromo tourist area (Sukapura)
  • (04:00 – 05:30) Seeing the beautiful sunrise (sunrise) and the panorama of Mount Bromo from climb 1
  • (05:30 – 06:00) Descended into the Sea of ​​Sand
  • (06:00 – 07:00) Trekking to the Bromo crater Can ride horses for rent
  • (07:00 – 08.00) Visiting Whispering Sand, Lion Stone (Lion Statue)
  • (08:00 – 09.00) The final destination of Padang savannah hill Teletubbies
  • (09:00 -10: 00) Return to our Driver’s place in the Sukapura or Cemoro Lawang Rest area
  • (10:00 – 12:00) Travel back to Probolinggo

Pickup Location Mount Bromo Open Trip / Bromo Sharing Tour

Probolinggo City, Hotels, Stations and Bus Terminals

For those of you who want to stay, we also provide Hotels and Homestay. For prices, you can directly contact our customer. The above prices do not include admission tickets to the Mount Bromo tourist area, except the all-inclusive package. Departure from the city of Probolinggo at least 12 pm. for pickup from outside the city of Malang will be subject to get charge and of course, pick up earlier.