Mount Bromo Popular Tour & Best-Selling Open Trip From Probolinggo

Mount Bromo Popular Tour and Best-Selling Open Trip From Probolinggo in 2019 – this page will be filled with some of the best-selling packages this year with the theme of Bromo Midnight Sharing Group Tour Packages. A combined one-night tour package without staying overnight, with the main destination being the tourist area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java.

Mount Bromo Open trip

Open Trip to Mount Bromo

Some of the benefits that we offer in the Bromo Open Trip Package / Sharing Tour Package to Bromo are an attraction for tourists who want to fill the holiday period in Mount Bromo and surrounding areas. Bromo Open Trip Package Prices are cheap even though only one person, 4 (four) popular tourist destinations offered in Bromo open trips, as well as the hospitality service of Bromo tour guides in the field,  makes tourists refer Bromo tourism locations as the best choice as a tourist destination in a holiday will come with us

Open Trip Bromo Midnight From Probolinggo

Mount Bromo Tour Package [Open Trip Midnight], We will invite you to do Adventure activities in the tourist area of ​​Mount Bromo, East Java for 1 (one) day. In addition to witnessing Golden Sunrise Bromo which has the best views in Indonesia, you will also take us to set foot in 4 (four) popular tourist objects on Mount Bromo, including Pananjakan 1 Tourism Object as the best point of view waiting for the sunrise, up the Mount of Love , Photo of Bukit Widodaren tourist spot, trekking to the natural splendor of Bromo crater, visiting Luhur Poten Temple, enjoying the beauty of Whispering Sand, and making cool vacation photos at the green Teletubies Attraction.

Sharing a Tour Group or Bromo Open Trip, you don’t need to pay a large enough fee to rent your own tour vehicle or gather a lot of people to travel to save money. One person can already register on this trip package, and join other participants, besides being able to fill tours in Bromo also add new travel friends.

Mount Bromo Tourism Information

  • Destination: Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Tourism
  • Duration: 1 (one) Night
  • Pickup Point: Probolinggo City Start (Hotel and Train Station and Banyuangga Bus Terminal)
  • Facilities: Standard
  • Category: Mountain Tourism, Indonesian Tropical Landscape
  • Level: Light Adventure
  • Tourist Activities: Sunrise and Trekking
  • Start: 24.00 and Finish: 12.00
  • Bromo Tourism Route: Probolinggo – Mount Bromo – Probolinggo

Mount Bromo Open Trip Will Be Visited

  • Pananjakan Point 1 ( Viewpoint 1 )
  • Bukit Widodaren ( Widodaren Hill
  • Bukit Cinta ( Love Hill )
  • Mount Bromo Crater
  • Whispering Sand
  • Teletubbies Hills
  • Luhur Poten Temple

Pickup Time From Probolinggo City Meeting Point

  • 11.00 – 02.00 Pick-up at Probolingo City Station, Hotel or Bus Terminal
  • 00.00-02.00 Start the midnight tour directly to the Mount Bromo Sukapura Rest Area or Cemoro Lawang

Itinerary Mount Bromo Open Trip 2019 – 2020

  • 00.20: Pick up at Probolinggo City area and can be picked up at the hotel or Probolingo station
  • 03.00: Towards sunrise viewpoint Penanjakan via Sukapura or Cemoro Lawang with the estimated travel time of approximately 40 minutes using a closed jeep.
  • 03.30: Arrived at Pananjakan 1 viewpoint, enjoyed the sunrise and stopped at Bukit Cinta.
  • 06.00: Towards Bromo Crater with an estimated time of 1-hour drive.
  • 07.00: Arrival at the foot of Mount Bromo, Explore, Trekking, and Photo Hunting.
  • 09.00: Towards Whispering Sand, Savana, and Teletubbies Hill.
  • 10.30: Return to Probolinggo and the tour is complete.

Cheap Bromo Open Trip Facilities – BromoTravelCenter.Com

At a cost of IDR. 300,000, you will get complete facilities including:

  • Hardtop or Jeep / Avanza / Xenia (conditional)
  • Fuel oil for cars 
  • Drivers and guides are professional, friendly and polite
  • Mineral water and snacks during the trip
  • Parking to all locations
  • Driver fee
  • Insurance

Other Interesting Packages :

Valuable experience to enjoy Bromo sunrise, The experience of feeling offroad using a jeep in Bromo, Hospitality, and Bromo community service environment

These costs do not include personal needs and horse rental in Bromo. So if you want to go up the Bromo crater by using a horse. Or ride on a climb with a horse. This means having to pay the horse rent alone. For the price of horses in Bromo itself starts from 50,000 to 100,000 one way or PP from the jeep parking to the bottom of the stairs of the Bromo crater. You can offer it yourself from the price offered by the owner of the Horse. Because our party does not provide that. For other personal needs, it is not included in the costs you must pay us.