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Mount Bromo Is One Of The Mainstay Attractions Of East Java

Mount Bromo is one of the mainstay attractions of East Java and is one of the best and most beautiful in Indonesia. This mountain tour of Bromo is managed by Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS).

For people who have never visit Mount Bromo East Java, so far only see from pictures or browse the internet. In fact, if viewed directly before the route to Bromo will be seen the beauty of a high cliff nan green on the right left, exactly in Sukapura area about 10 km before getting to the tourist attraction of Mount Bromo East Java. The scenery can look more beautiful if there is no white haze and heavy rain that can limit our eyesight.

Mount Bromo East Java Indonesia

In addition to surrounded by green cliffs around there are also protected animals we can occasionally encounter such as monkeys, various birds, red jungle fowens and various other types of animals. Until now, Mount Bromo East Java Indonesia is still active and became a famous tourist attraction and became the flagship because of the typical natural scenes we rarely encounter in the world. In addition, in these mountains there are dried flowers that grow around the slopes of the sea of ​​sand. The flower is edelwaiss or so-called perennial flowers that never wilt all the time. Tengger tribe society utilize the edelwaiss flowers in the design resembles a colorful doll so valuable economical to be sold to visitors of bromo tours.

mount bromo east java

The beauty of mount Bromo tour that is seeded here is the rising of the sun from the east. The best view can be seen from Penanjakan. Not only see the sun rise, Mount Semeru which is the highest mountain in East Java can be seen clearly as side by side with the crater of Bromo and Mount Bathok. No wonder how beautiful the moment that can be said as the main charm of Mount Bromo. You who have never been to Mount Bromo, there are several roads leading to this beautiful sights. Start the path Probolinggo, Pasuruan and Malang. All can be reached with a relatively short and safe time.

Route To Mount Bromo Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia

Probolinggo Route: Travel Bromo from Surabaya or Malang through Pantura road, after reaching Tongas highway there is a sign to go to Bromo Sunrise Tour. Precisely in the Rest Area Tongas turn right direction of direction, from there to go to Bromo distance of about 30 km with a duration of 1 hour journey.

After entering the Sukapura area into a stopover for tourists who use the services of Bromo midnight tour, there will be lodging and jeep rental owned by the surrounding community.

Pasuruan Route: Travel from Surabaya to Pasuruan City about 2 hours drive will arrive at Ranggeh market. From the market turn right direction keselatan distance about 30 km with a duration of 1 hour journey.

The route through Pasuruan road is slightly extreme with slight inclines and sharp curves, but the scenery is very good after entering the Puspo area will be seen the evergreen trees on the left and right along the way.

Arriving in Tosari there will be many lodging hotels or villas, from there tourists can rent a jeep to get to the tourist attraction of Mount Bromo East Java.

Malang Route: This route through Tumpang, this line is quite close to the station or airport in Malang. From the ride you have to drive a jeep or hardtop with a fairly extreme path. This path is usually much in demand of lovers of challenging tourism.

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