Milky Way in the Nature of Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java

Milky Way in the Nature of Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java – Milky Way in Bromo | The Beauty of Milky Way in the Nature of Mount Bromo, Mount Bromo Tourism Object Generally tourists who tour to East Java just want to enjoy the beauty of Bromo / travel to Mount Bromo just to see the beauty of the Sunrise which is also called Bromo Sunrise and visit 4 locations on Mount Bromo namely Mount Penanjakan Bromo, Bromo Crater, Savana Grassland and  Bromo Whispering sand, where to reach the Mount Bromo Tourist Site it must use the Bromo Jeep Rental which has been provided by the Bromo Tengger Semeru community, but other than Bromo Sunrise Tourism and Bromo 4 Location turns out there are other beauties that we don’t know yet, namely Milky Way Bromo | Mt Bromo Milky Way.

mount bromo milky way

The Milky Way is a collection of millions of stars that have volumes like dust and also gas located on the plate/plane of the galaxy.

According to Wikipedia “In Indonesian, the term Bimasakti,” Milky Way “(Milky Way) can be seen as a blurred band of white light about 30 degrees wide arc in the sky, Although all-stars are naked – the eyes of individuals throughout the sky are part of the Milky Way, the light in this band comes from the accumulation of unresolved stars and other materials in the direction of the galaxy plane. Dark areas in bands, such as Great Rift and Coalsack, are areas where the light from distant stars is blocked by interstellar dust. The area of ​​the sky covered by the Milky Way is called the Avoidance Zone.

Milky Way in Bromo, Probolinggo

Milky Way in Bromo, For Traveling Lovers or Traveling Lovers Community, Mount Bromo Tourism is a must-visit tourist spot in East Java because, in addition to having the beauty of Sunrise Tour, it turns out that Mount Bromo also has another attraction, the Milky Way Phenomenon.

For those who have traveled to Mount Bromo, climb and Camping at Ranu Kumbolo or climbing Mount Semeru where are this sites still in one location or in one area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, of course, they already know the schedule of the Hour and Moon to witness the Milky Way in Bromo.

For you travelers or traveling groups, especially for milky way photography who want to capture the beauty phenomenon of this Milky Way in Bromo, the right time is when the weather is sunny without clouds, which is between 01.00 – 04.00 in the morning and usually occurs in the dry season, namely April up to September, and you can enjoy this Milky Way with a number of Bromo Travel Package Options that have been provided by the Bromo Travel Agent, such as the Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night or the Bromo Midnight Tour Tour Package and for those of you who are just married who want to enjoy Bromo Sunrise (* See the Bromo Sunrise Tour Package) and all witness the beauty of the Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour, then you can enjoy it with the Bromo Honeymoon Tour Package (Honeymoon at Bromo).

Milky Way in Bromo Tour Package Program 2 Days 1 Night

Want to witness this extraordinary natural phenomenon and is now becoming the target of the tourists of Mount Bromo, here are the details of the Bromo Milky Way Tour Package program

  1. Milky way tour program begins with picking you up at hotels, airports/water ports, stations, terminals Surabaya or Malang, then visiting Mount Bromo tour with a travel duration of about 3.5 hours. Arriving at Cemoro Lawang then Check in Hotel Bromo and free program.
  2. In the afternoon you will witness the beauty of Sunset Bromo in Cemoro Lawang hill, after that rest and free program.
  3. Night at 23:00 you will be picked up by the Bromo Jeep Rental Service to witness the phenomenon of Milky Way in Penanjakan 1, Bukit Kingkong, Bukit Cinta, Lautan Pasir Bromo, or Seruni Point to adjust the situation and natural conditions.
  4. Then by driving the jeep Bromo transportation you will continue the tour program which is enjoying the tourism destination of Bromo Sunrise 
    When finished, you return to the Bromo jeep and continue the journey to Mount Bromo tour, when you arrive at the parking lot of Jeep Bromo you can continue with Trekking or Horse Riding to climb to the top of Mount Bromo or Bromo Crater.
  5. Upon your return at the Bromo Jeep parking lot, the Bromo Jeep will take you to continue the Milky Way tour to go to Bukit Teletubies and Savana Bromo
    Then after that proceed to Bromo Whispering Sand, a Bromo tourist attraction that is often used as a shooting place for Jakarta capital artists.
  6. After that, Jeep Bromo will take you back to Bromo hotel to clean yourself and breakfast and then check out and get ready to be escorted back to Surabaya or Malang.
  7. When you arrive in Surabaya or Malang, the tour of Milky Way in Bromo is complete

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That is the review of the Milky Way of Mount Bromo Tavel Guide, Hopefully, it can be a reference for those of you who want to travel to Mount Bromo, East Java. For more complete information, discuss Milky Way Bromo, Package, Bromo Hotel, Ijen Crater Hotel, Cheap Bromo Lodging and Tourist Transportation such as Bromo Car Rental, Jeep Rent at Bromo, Motor Trail, Bromo Horse, Please contact us.