Climbing Mount Semeru Tour Packages, The Highest Mountain In Java

Climbing Mount Semeru Tour Packages, The Highest Mountain In Java – Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in the island of Java with an altitude of 3676 meters above sea level. The location of the mountain Semeru is administratively located in the Lumajang district. And until now the status of the mountain Semeru is still active.
The crater known as Jonggring Saloka is just south of the peak of Mahameru. On the way to the top of Mahameru, we will be presented with the view of the most beautiful lake when the sun rises in the hills. That is Ranu Kumbolo. Ranu Kumbolo is a lake in Mount Semeru and located at an altitude of 2400 masl.

climbing mount semeru

Tour Packages Climbing Mount Semeru 3D2N 


  • Jeep transportation to Ranu Pane PP
  • Fee Porter experienced local (Nonprivate)
  • Tent to stay
  • Eat 5 times
  • Mineral water
  • Entrance ticket to the tourist area
  • Rundown trip

The first day.

  • 05.00-05.30 Preparation of the overdrive market is expected to have breakfast (Meeting point overlap)
  • 05.30-08.00 Travel to Ranupani village
  • 08.00-09.00 Ranupani registration and preparation for hiking
  • 09.00-13.00 Travel to Ranu Kumbolo lake
  • 13.00-14.00 Lunch
  • 14.00-17.00 Continue the journey to Kalimati camp
  • 17.30- … Camp Kalimati (Rest, eat and preparation to the top)

The second day

  • 00.00-05.00 Hiking Arcopodo Mahameru
  • 05.00-06.00 Photos
  • 06.00-09.00 trip down Kalimati
  • 09.00-09.30 to eat
  • 09.30-10.30 Preparation for ranu kumbolo
  • 10.30-13.30 Travel to Ranu kumbolo
  • 13:30- ……. Camp ranu kumbolo (rest, meal, free program)

The third day

  • 5:00 to 6:00 enjoy the sunrise and foto2
  • 07.00-09.00 Eat and a preparatory trip to Ranu pane
  • 09.00-12.00 Travel to the wilderness
  • 12.00-13.00 Clean yourself
  • 13: 00-15: 00 Goto Pass, Goodbye and thanks you

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Unbundled Rundown adjusted to conditions in the field (weather)

Must be prepared for personal equipment for Climbing Mount Semeru Tour Packages Ranu Kumbolo 3 days 2 nights:

  • – Copy of KTP (Identity Card)
  • – Health certificate from a medical doctor (Medical check-up)
  • – Personal medicines
  • – Warm clothes and jackets
  • – Trekking Shoes
  • – Gloves
  • – Sleeping bag, Etc.