Travel Guide to Mount Bromo

Best Travel Guide To Make A Trip To Mount Bromo, Probolinggo

Best Travel Guide To Make A Trip To Mount Bromo, Probolinggo  –

Tips And Travel Guide To Mount Bromo – Mount which has a height of 2392 mdpl is an active volcano, surrounded by a stretch of sand nan reach 10 km2. While the temperature in this region can reach 2º to 20º Celsius. with temperatures so cold, making this place the most unique phenomenon in eastern Java. And also the most popular tour to be a vacation plan,

Bromo mountain tourism famous for its beautiful sunrise, one of the natural phenomenon you can only see is Penanjakan 1 Peak of Bromo which is located on the north of the caldera Bromo, in addition to the place to see the rising of the sun as well as a post monitor the activity of the mountain Bromo. to do Bromo sunrise tour the tourists willing to get up early morning at 03.00 with Bromo jeep transportation that has been ordered before (for information center and rental agent jeep Bromo visit here).

Tips Travel Guide To Mount Bromo Tour Sunrise 

Before traveling to Mount Bromo, you need Travel Guide To Mount Bromo to prepare everything first so that everything runs smoothly. because careful planning is the key to exciting travel. 😀 Our  Bromo Travel Center  will provide information about tips and guides to Bromo (Bromo travel guide),

well let’s see together with tips and Travel Guide To Mount Bromo

  1. Planning 

You need to know as a potential tourist, a mount bromo tour is a place that is very much in demand by tourists either local or domestic tourists and foreign tourists or foreign tourists. with the number of tourists visiting the mountain bromo with the aim of witnessing the phenomenon of tourist attractions bromo, the inn will be more difficult to obtain. therefore you should choose the right time so as not constrained by lodging in bromo, such as hotels and homestays. because the bromo inn is very limited.

2. Choose the Right Time

For the best time, you should as a potential tourist take a tour to Mount Bromo during the dry season is in May – september. why the dry season? because this season you will see the sunrise bigger and reddish round. and at this time you can explore the Mount Bromo tour more freely, giving a sense of security and comfort in travel. try deh you bayangin gimana kalo want tourism here fit the rainy season. hmmmmm no problem sich, but it’s hard to get sunrise to vie, eits but can be underlined not can not ya, need to know if you are lucky to get vie sunrise the bromo guide say very good and much better than the dry season. may be tried once. 😀 please also check the Bromo sunrise tour package 1 Day

3. Booking Lodging Early

If you are planning to stay in bromo, then Booking bromo inn like (hotel, Homestay, Villa) long ago is a must. especially if you plan to travel at the weekend or at the peak of the Christmas and New Year holidays, it must be very crowded. in addition to your lodging also must also order Jeep bromo (off road car that will be used to explore). we can say if you do not order jeep Bromo and Bromo jeep far away stay will be full boking and of course it is very fatal because jeep Bromo is the only one to explore from all attractions in tengger mountains, and the reason, you will bother once ordering hardtop after got in tengger, besides the price also become more expensive. yes you guys know what the holiday season is. hehe

4. Physical Preparation

It is indeed a vacation to Mount Bromo is not like climbing the mountain nan lot of preparation. such as mountain semeru (semeru trekking tour) and mount Rinjani, however, you need to know that dibromo weather is cold you know, again have to climb 250 steps to see the crater. therefore from the physical / body nan fit, endurance is not easy to drop face weather changes. It’s a loss if you guys already sampek there but the condition of the body already not known. well do not get dech. especially if you plan to use a motorcycle, hmm .. a fit body is a must. Bromo Travel Center will pray for you hopefully you fit from beginning to end journey 🙂

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5. Clothing and Supplies

Surely you already know the weather and cold air in bromo, this is a challenge that we must face, because the temperature of the air can reach 10 degrees Celsius. in addition to physically fit, clothing, and equipment we should also prepare well. Here are some recommendations from the bromo guide on clothing that must be prepared before traveling to Mount Bromo East Java Indonesia. following recommendations of clothing and supplies

  • Jacket 

The recommended jacket is a jacket that can withstand cold air and not just a fashion jacket. besides bring some long sleeve shirts that you can wear before wearing a jacket. because everyone has different immunity, then it is very necessary when it is above the altitude.

  •   Thick Long Pants

Try to wear Outdoor Pants yes, because the material is quite thick and can protect the feet from cold air. usually these pants were worn by mountain climbers, so it does not hurt if you try it. if you do not have a jacket as you call do not wear jeans pants.

  •   Scarves, Carpus (kupluk), Gloves, Socks

Because the jacket can not cover the entire body, then it’s good you complete it with a scarf, carpus (kupluk), socks, gloves. scarves are useful to protect your neck from the cold, then carpus to protect the head so as not to feel cold. this is very recommended especially for those of you who have a bald head …. wkwkwk in addition to protecting the head is useful to cover the ears that aims to reduce air pressure while on the top of the mountain Bromo. the latter are gloves and socks.
If you forget to bring this equipment, do not worry because in the vicinity of Mount Bromo many who sell a variety of scarves, carpus, and gloves even though the price is slightly more expensive.

  • Shoes

Never imagine in your mind to use sandals in the cold air. otherwise the contours of the road to be traversed are mostly rocky and slippery. Boots or hiking boots will be more useful than sneakers shoes because besides the strong shoes this type will protect you from injury.

  • Flashlight / Flashlight

This is useful when you want to enjoy the sunrise because you will start climbing when the sky is still dark before reaching the peak. Illumination of the flashlight will help you to walk the way to the point to enjoy the phenomenon of sunrise from the eastern horizon. and remember always be careful on the way.

  • Masks

Because the place is in the middle of sand, masks are very important to protect our nose and mouth from exposure to sand dust that can cause cough and sore in the throat.

  • Glasses

well this last other than make a style, can also to protect eyes from dust. usually the women who wear this. hehe…. fun yes can be stylish and of course in the background behind the beauty of this tourist attraction Bromo.
Prepare Cash According to Need

Bring cash as needed during a tour to mount Bromo to cover your travel plans and activities there, as you will not find an ATM machine around these sights. and certainly not to the lack of yes, can be messed up later on his vacation.